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We are pleased and proud to be the first stop on Gail McMeekin’s 12 Secrets of Highly Successful & Creative Women Virtual Tour!

The following is an excerpt from Gail’s latest creation, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Journal – a companion book to The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women. It is designed to help those who seek a more creative and fulfilling life, through guidance, essays, prompts and focused exercise. It’s insights are poignant, and its message inspirational, and essential.


Honoring Your Inspirations

To access your creative self, you must validate and capture your inspirations all the time. You need to continually honor the creative impulses that pop into your consciousness. I had a client tell me recently that she had a brilliant idea for a book while she was driving, but she forgot it. I told her that when she gets a valuable idea, she needs to stop whatever she is doing—even pull over, if she can, while she is driving—and write down her inspiration immediately so that it is not lost, and give thanks for her creative mind. Then, spend some time with this new discovery (either right then or schedule a time later to explore it). Your creative ideas are jewels—welcome them and take care of them.

Inspiration begins with attractions! Creative inspirations seduce you like a magnet. Diligently capturing your inspirations is a daring move and will place you on a new life path. The key lesson here is to value these attractions as the doorway to your creative self. How do you honor them? The first step is to cherish them as clues to your heart and soul.

For the first month of this journal program, write down everything that excites you—a word, a new coffee flavor, a tragedy, a magazine article, a nuance, a person, etc. I call this an Excitement List. Don’t filter or censor your ideas, no matter how wild they may seem at first. Collect pictures from newspapers and magazines, the web, or take photographs of things that intrigue you and store them in the back of this journal for later. As the month continues, begin to notice your patterns of attraction—make note of them.

Keep asking yourself the following questions: What inspires me? What beckons me to explore it? As you move through this journal process, you will work with guidelines for sorting through your discoveries. Until then, trust that you are a creative soul scanning for a focus or a new angle on a focus you have already chosen.

Now, what if you pick your best idea that you are most passionate about and, after working with it for awhile, you decide you hate it? The first question you must ask yourself is, Is it real disdain, or is it fear? One valuable lesson I have learned as an amateur watercolor painter is that when a painting has gone off track and my efforts to fix it have failed, I need to let myself just trash it. I can sort out when I am being too much of a perfectionist about a painting or my writing and need to make peace with it until I get it right, as opposed to having created something that is not worth any more effort. We must let ourselves try, fail, and start over. If we are truly entranced with our idea, we will be more willing to fight for it. I felt that way about The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women. It began in the format it ended up in. But it also spent time as a novel about a frustrated writer named Brittany. My inner resolve was so strong that I kept reworking it while looking for the right publisher. How do you really feel about the idea or project you are focusing on now?

The next stop on Gail’s tour will be Janet Hagberg’s beautiful blog – At River’s Edge – tomorrow, November 30th.

*A complete list of blogs on this tour is below.

Like or let us know what you think of this post and Gail’s book excerpt in the comment field and you might win a copy of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Book AND Journal or a copy of The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women!

Gail McMeekin, M.S.W. is the founder and president of Creative Success, LLC, where she helps creative professionals and entrepreneurs turn their passions and unique ideas into prosperous businesses. She is the author of The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women, and The Power of Positive Choices. She is a national executive, career, and creativity coach as well as a licensed psychotherapist and writer. She lives in the Boston area. Visit the author’s website at creativesuccess.com

*Join Gail as she visits these creative and successful women on their blogs !

November 29th – Better Yet Bookshelf (right here!, right now!)
November 3oth – At River’s Edge (Janet Hagberg)
December 1st – Gut Truster’s Blog (Lynn Robinson)
December 2nd – Jenna Avery (Jenna Avery)
December 3rd – Tranquility du Jour (Kimberly Wilson)
December 4th – Jamie Ridler Studios (Jamie Ridler)
December 5th – Penguin Tales (Kate Garchinsky)
December 6th – Life Work Transitions (Deborah Knox)
December 7th – Beth Tunis (Beth Tunis)
December 8th – Writing Down Your Soul  (Janet Connor)
December 9th – I Am Fully Alive (Olga Aura)
December 10th – Marilyn Tam (Marilyn Tam)


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3 responses to “Honoring Inspiration – Gail McMeekin

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  1. Hi, thank you for such a beautiful beginning for my book blog tour for my two new books! This midnight blue color is just divine! I am so excited about the amazing successful women who are participating in this tour and can get to know each other in the process too! I had a vision for this Journal book ten years ago and my readers even designed sample covers for me to try to push the project along. I have to thank my wonderful editor, Caroline Pincus, for making it happen. It seems like the perfect time as women are pioneering creative ideas, starting new companies, and developing novel models of success, and the self-reflection provided by a Journal can be invaluable to making heart-felt and sound decisions for your future!

  2. Great read – hope to get my copy in the next couple of days. I’ve read Gail’s book numerous times and find something new every time!!
    Looking forward to the “tour!”

  3. Hi exciting! The tour is ON! So happy to be a part of it (on December 9th). Go Gail and the band of wildly creative ladies the world over! xoxo Olga

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